Conform, Flame, Online, Mastering, Production management


This is the story of the world’s greatest arctic explorer, but also about a fascinating person. If necessary he lied and cheated his loved ones to achieve what he wanted, and as a consequence he succeeded proffesionally, but had to pay a high price as a human being. Roald Amundsen’s biggest confidant for more than 20 years was his brother Leon, who was always in Roald’s shadow. When Roald went to far his brother often suffered for it. However, Leon was not acknowledged in Roald’s autobiography, and died without recognition. Through the movie about Roald, Leon’s story will be told as well and put into context. Amundsen premieres on 15. February 2019

  • Conform and Online Eirik Aarnes Vik

  • Online Raymond Gangstad

  • Flame Christian Vårdal

  • Mastering Bruce Masonic

  • Post Production Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post Production Producer Espen Skjetne