Britt-Marie Var Her

Sound, Grade


Britt-Marie was here is about the meticulous and grown up Britt-Marie who has just left her husband after 40 years, and for the first time goes job hunting. The only problem is that the only job she gets is as a cleaner in Borg, a place heavily affected by the financial crisis. Britt-Marie hates soccer, but when the town’s youth club needs a coach and is willing to give the job to anyone, Britt-Marie sees an opportunity. When she is also invited on a date with the local policeman, there is no way back… Britt-Marie was here premieres on 11. January 2019.

  • Production Company SF Studios

  • Director Tuva Novotny

  • Sound Designer Nils Viken and Peter Albrechtsen

  • Sound Editor Nils Viken, Inger Elise Holm, Siri Schippers Skaar and Morten Fagelund

  • Colourist Raymond Gangstad

  • Online Eirik Aarnes Vik

  • Post Producer Espen Skjetne

  • Post Production Manager Tom Joelsen