Dianas Bryllup

Sound, Grade, Vfx, Online, Mastering


Diana’s Wedding is a tribute to love, which hopefully is more than a stormy affair that lasts half a year, and a suffering that will last a lifetime.

  • Production Company Maipo film

  • Director Charlotte Blom

  • Sound Design Bror Kristiansen

  • Sound Editors Bent Holm, Nils Viken, Siri Schippers Skaar

  • Editor Mina Nybakke

  • Grade Dylan R. Hopkin

  • Online Eirik Aarnes Vik

  • Vfx Henry Cummings

  • Mastering Bruce Masonic

  • Post-production Coordinator Ida Stang

  • Post-production Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post-production Producer Espen Skjetne