Fra balkongen

Sound, Grade, Vfx, Mastering


Scripted by Giæver and described as “a time and space odyssey”, From the Balcony unfolds during 12 months on his own balcony. During this year, the film follows Ole and his family through everyday life and festivities. It is an exploration through how we live our lives today and what it means to be a human being. The film mixes fiction, archive and documentary scenes from his life, extending the theme of Out of Nature and Giæver’s project as a director: to get as close as possible to the description of what it is to be a human being.

  • Production Company Mer Film

  • Director Ole Giæver

  • Sound Editing Daniel Lindvik, Inger Elise Holm, Bror Kristiansen, Bent Holm, Johannes Dekko, Nils Viken

  • Grade Julien Alary

  • VFX Dylan R Hopkin

  • Mastering Bruce Masonic

  • Post-production supervisor Tom Joelsen