Sound, Grade, Online, Mastering


When Martin (12) falls in love with Dalia, the problems start piling up: everytime he speaks to Dalia, it sounds like he is speaking with a “helium-voice”, and when Dalia is obviously charmed by Christopher’s slick behaviour, Martin and his best friend Petter make a web page to become popular. By uploading clips of Martin’s very unusual family they succeed in getting a lot of likes, but their success has its price and it’s only when Martin stops trying to impress Dalia, and being himself, that he truly wins her heart. Helium premiered on NRK Super on 1. September 2018.

  • Director Liv Karin Dahlstrøm

  • Production Company Fabelaktiv

  • Producer Nicholas Sando and Camilla Vanebo

  • Photographer Audun G. Magnæs

  • Sound Design Nils Viken

  • Sound Effects Daniel Lindvik, Inger Elise Holm and Morten Fagelund

  • Grade Dylan R. Hopkin

  • Online Christian Vårdal

  • Conform Eirik Aarnes Vik

  • Post Production Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post Producers Espen Skjetne and Ida Stang