(Eng. Title: Handle with Care) After his wife dies, offshore worker Kjetil is left with his six year old adoptive son, Daniel. Kjetil handles the responsibilities as a single dad very badly, and in desperation brings his son to Colombia to find the boys biological mother. In Bogota Kjetil gets help from a taxi driver and his family in the search for Daniel’s mother, while Daniel experiences an intense reunion with his home country. When an unexpected solution to Daniel’s future presents itself, Kjetil has to make the hardest decision of his life. Handle with Care premiered on 24. February 2017.

  • Production Company Motlys

  • Director Arild Andresen

  • Supervising Sound Editor Bent Holm and Peter Albrechtsen

  • Re-Recording Mixer Bent Holm and Peter Albrechtsen

  • Sound Editor Bror Kristiansen, Nils Viken and Daniel Lindvik

  • Post Producer Espen Skjetne