Home for Christmas Season 1 and 2

Editing, Sound Design, Grade, Online, Mastering, Post Supervision

Dumped after telling her family she's bringing a boyfriend home for the holidays, perpetually single Johanne races to find a stand-in beau by Christmas.

  • Production Company Oslo Company

  • Director Per Olav Sørensen

  • Editors Rodrigo Stoicheff and Katie Hetland

  • Additional Editor Mina Nybakke

  • Assistant Editor Jørgen Berfendal

  • Sound Design Magnus Torkildsen and Renate Bakke

  • Sound Editors Inger Elise Holm, Morten Fagelund

  • Grade Dylan R Hopkin

  • VFX Henry Cummings

  • Online Christian Vårdal

  • Mastering Bruce Masonic

  • Post-production Coordinator Ida Stang

  • Post-production Producer Espen Skjetne

  • Post-production Manager Tom Joelsen