Sound, Grade, Online

This series is an example of how to capitalize on an eniment film idea, both artistically and commercially. A depiction of a young man’s struggle to become mature and responsible, with a twist. Everyday situations and humorous challenges in ordinary people’s lives are commented on as if though they were football matches and big athletic achievements - complete with a commentators box and two sports announcers, in the bedroom, in the office, on the streets or wherever the main character’s awkward and demanding challenges take place. Match premiered on NRK on 05.01.18.

  • Directors Martin Lund and Liv Karin Dahlstrøm

  • Production Company Ape&Bjørn

  • Producers Rubin Thorkildsen and Fredrik Støbakk

  • Photographers Audun G. Magnæs and Morten Forsberg

  • Conform Mina Nybakke

  • Grade Raymond Gangstad

  • Sound Designers Bror Kristiansen and Petter Fagelund

  • Online Christian Vårdal

  • Project Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post Producer Espen Skjetne