Mordene i Kongo

Grade, Vfx, Online, Mastering, Production management


(Eng. Title: Darkbranches) The spring of 2009 the two norwegians Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland, cross the border to eastern Kongo. Few days later news spread that their driver has been found dead. After several nights on the run in the powerful Kongo jungle, they are caught and both of them are sentenced to death. When Tjostolv Moland is discovered dead in his cell after four long years, Joshua French is the lead suspect for the murder of his best friend. The case known as ‘Kongosaken’ tells the fatal events that happened in the Kongo jungle, that evolved into a political and diplomatic case that for a long time seemed unsolvable. Darkbranches premiered on 26. October 2018.

  • Director Marius Holst

  • Production Company Friland Produksjon

  • Photographer John Andreas Andersen

  • Conform Eirik Aarnes Vik

  • Colourist Julien Alary

  • Colourist SA version Raymond Gangstad

  • Online Christian Vårdal

  • Title Sequence Henry Cummings

  • VFX Christian Vårdal, Henry Cummings & Gonzalo Moure

  • Post Production Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post Producer Espen Skjetne