No Other Land

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No other land


The young Palestinian activist, Basel Adra has been resisting the forced displacement of his people by Israel's military in Masafer Yatta, a region in the West Bank, since he was a child. He records the gradual destruction of his homeland, where Israeli soldiers are tearing down homes and evicting their inhabitants. He befriends Yuval, an Israeli journalist who helps him in his struggle. They form an unexpected bond, but their friendship is challenged by the huge gap between their living conditions: Basel faces constant oppression and violence, while Yuval enjoys freedom and security.

  • Production Company Antipode Films and Yabayay Media production

  • Directors Basel Adra, Rachel Szor, Hamdan Balal, and Yuval Abraham

  • Sound Design Bård Farbu

  • Grade Bianca Rudolph

  • Technical Support Ole-Andrè Hestetun

  • Online / Mastering Åse Bjøntegård Oftedal