Rett Vest

Sound Design, Grade, Online, Mastering


This comedy is about Kasper the substitute teacher, who loses his job on the same day that his father, Georg Margrethe, suffers a mental breakdown after the loss of his wife. To get away from the suffering, they decide to travels across the mountain to the island Ona, to represent Kasper’s recently deceased mother in the norwegian championship of quilting. It’s a warm and funny feel good movie about everything beautiful that can come from sorrow, with an impressive cast. Premiered on 5. January 2018

  • Director and Producer Henrik M. Dalsbakken

  • Production Company Filmbros

  • Photographer Oskar Dahlsbakken

  • Sound Designer Nils Viken

  • Re-Recording Mixer Daniel Lindvik and Nils Viken

  • Sound Editor Bror Kristiansen, Inger Elise Holm and Johannes Dekko

  • Conform Mina Nybakke

  • Colourist Dylan R. Hopkin

  • Online Raymond Gangstad

  • Mastering Bruce Masonic

  • Post Production Manager Tom Joelsen

  • Post Producer Espen Skjetne